All journalists entering Liberia to carry on journalistic duty or wanting to participate in national functions are to first seek an ACCREDITATION from the Press and Public Affairs Department or send his or her name via Email or written communication to the Public Affairs Department through their closest embassy for onward submission. In the case of the Embassy of Liberia to the Benelux Countries and the European Union, you can do so via (
➢ The visiting correspondents should indicate the purpose of their visit, officials of government they would wish to interview and places of interest they would like to visit.
➢ The Application for Press Accreditation should be accompanied by a list of equipment the Journalist intent to use while in Liberia.
➢ Requests for a ONE-ON-ONE interview with the President should be accompanied by questions for the interview. The questions should be received in Monrovia not less than four weeks before the arrival of the correspondent in the country.

All journalists wanting to participate in Major national functions that need accreditation are encouraged to

Accreditation fees for journalists are one hundred United States Dollars (USD$100.00) for an individual 4. All accreditations fees are to be paid to the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) thereby billing you through the FINANCE OFFICE of the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism to be deposited to the LRA account.

All flag receipts are to be brought back to the Public Affairs Department to authenticate payment been done after which full accreditation will be given and an OFFICIAL RECEIPT.

All journalists are to immediately contact the Press and Public Affairs Department in case of a problem/embarrassment.